How to Harness the Power of Creating Impact-Moments?

Human minds are hardwired to remember certain actions and details of some events. As a fact of the matter, humans remember the impacts of certain moments through those details.

What our impact-moments?

I have never forgotten the way one of the leaders in my past organizations would provide uninterrupted attention and immerse himself into the conversation with questions. I also do not forget another leader whose insightful conversations never failed to elevate my thinking and expanded my leadership capacity. A certain thing they said or did created the impact-moments for me.

Not just professionally but even in personal life, I have observed and experienced many such personalities whom I like to call the "the big-shots of the smaller moments" (from my book - Please Step Forward, You Are About to Change).

As far as the brain science or Psychology goes, our limbic system has one of the most powerful organs called Amygdala. It is hard to ignore this piece of brain since it is so significant to how humans create emotional connections to different events and memories in their lives - precisely with moments. You can blame Amygdala for making moments impactful. Imagine taking this piece away from us and how would we manage to behave or respond to different moments in our lives. It could lead to the extremes of behaviors that won't offer a very fulfilling life.

Remember the time when your supervisor gave you that strong uncomfortable glance or when a colleague couldn't thank you enough for your authentic feedback? How did you feel in those moments? What impact did those moments have on you? It is important to take some time and reflect on such significant events in your life. They help create not just space for learning but also gratitude in life. Even the worst of experiences will always provide you some value.

Why do impact-moments matter?

Life experiences are built every nano-second of our lives. In this moment as a writer and you, as a reader, both are learning something together or at least reflecting on our impact-moments together. These moments have the power to influence our thinking and actions.

To be able to expand your capacity and capability, it is pivotal to observe and acknowledge the impact-moments such as:

1. Uplifting Moments: Those unusual and unforeseen moments that uplift your thinking or confidence beyond your everyday chores.

2. Discovery Moments: The "aha" moments that uncover your blind-spots or bring new knowledge to the forefront.

3. Success Moments: The winning moments that offer your great self-confidence, a sense of authentic pride, achievement and courage.

4. Connection Moments: The moments of real connection with others, where you feel a part of a collective purpose.

5. Power Moments: The moments where there is a strong interplay of powers, when you feel either powerful or powerless. 

 All these impact-moments could be memorable or game-changers in your life.

How can leaders create impact-moments?

It is in your sphere of influence to create and capture these impact-moments as a leader. Based on kinds of moments you can create for yourself and others, here are some of the actions that you might consider:

  • Keep your environmental radars open and situation sensing skills active - there is always an unexpected or undertone moment trying to tell you something. Observe and act accordingly with intentionality.
  • Provide timely and frequent feedback to your team members or key stakeholders and get feedback from them.
  • Support your team through coaching and/or get a coach or a mentor for yourself who can help you navigate the complexities in your role and help you get more perspectives in professional and personal life.
  • Ensure that your actions are equitable and inclusive and you will see and feel the results around you through people.
  • Think from the other side or customer's perspective (internal or external). Go through their experience to see where could you offer those moments of excellence.
  • Reach out and collaborate with others. Remember, there is no leadership without followers and/or collaboration. Build the trust, get to a collective purpose and create a bigger impact. Take everyday actions to build collaboration.
  • Winning is not always about being in power. Sometimes it entails - giving the power away. Learn to let go and observe the magic of counter-intuitive winning. 
  • Don't ignore or forget to celebrate your personal or team successes. Celebration is the fuel for higher confidence and collective trust.
  • Have those difficult conversations with people who matter and can push your or other's thinking. Capture those game-changing "aha moments" that you could ever think of. 
  • Be a part of the community and contribute by engaging in experiences that can elevate you as a person. This could include volunteering, sharing knowledge, helping out for a greater cause, etc. 
  • Build stronger relationships with others. Remember, relationships are built on emotional bank accounts. Ensure that you deposit at least as much as you withdraw to keep a healthy account. Healthy relationships are the foundation of collective success. 
  • Leverage the art of storytelling and listen to powerful stories around you too. Stories have a lot to tell. There are many hidden impact-moments in those stories.
Like I said, "be the big-shot of the smaller moments" and keep leading with your craft.

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Sahil Sharma
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