The "PURPOSE THING" is for Every Leader - Ask Yourself These Questions

More than a decade ago, when I was in the hospitality industry managing restaurants, I came across some fantastic personalities that I, of course, cannot forget about. One of my team members was one of them. In her late 40's this server traveled across many miles changing different modes of transport to reach the restaurant sharp at 8:00 am every single day. On an inquisitive day, I asked her if it ever bothered her traveling so far for her job. She smiled and told me these 2 things:

1. I love traveling because it gives me some valuable time to be with myself and reflect on my actions and my life. It energizes me.

2. I come to this restaurant since I have made many people or customers happy by understanding what they need in their food and what will make them happy. The smiles and wishes that I get back from those customers are priceless. It makes them happy and makes me happy. I am not just in the food business but also in the happiness business.  

These two messages were quite profound. They reflected on her purpose behind the job and the life she was living every day that not only unfolded her authentic-self but allowed her to be the best in her profession through service excellence.

  • Anyone who contributes in some or the other way is a leader. 
  • Leadership needs no title.
  • Every leader has a sense of purpose that reflects on what they do and why they do it.

"Purpose doesn't drive a person to act, it drives a person all the way to success."

Being a Leader with Purpose - Ask Yourself:
  • Reflect on - what would a purposeless leadership look like? Does it match your leadership style?
  • What might your purpose be behind what you do every day of your life?
  • What are the triggers that inform your purpose?
  • How do you know that your purpose is being fulfilled through your actions?
  • What might you want to change to have more valuable and fulfilling actions?
  • How might you help others and shine the light on - your team, colleagues, friends to allow them to see the purpose behind their actions?
  • What stories might you have that you can share with others and help them unfold their purpose? Think about your hardships, sacrifices, and victories. 
What can a purpose look like?

If you are wondering and still confused, what your purpose could be, here are some examples that I have always resonated with and might resonate with you. This is not an exhaustive list but a head-start to kick-off your thinking:

  • Adding value to teams through creativity and ideas.
  • Resolving issues in ways that have never been thought of.
  • Coaching others by pushing their thinking and helping them transform and grow. 
  • Making others happy through service excellence.
  • Leading with equitable practices no matter what and offer a fair environment to the diversity in the workplace so that everyone succeeds effectively.
  • Teach young entrepreneurs to ignite their passions and achieve their ambitions through resourceful guidance and consultation.
  • Writing books that can help others to reflect, learn new skills, connect with new resources, become stronger, and ultimately achieve success in life.
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Sahil Sharma
Talent & Leadership Development Professional | Leadership Coach

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