The Oomphh about Leadership Consciousness for Success

Leadership Consciousness is not really an inspirational term for many out there - it's way more than that. It's not a buzz word found on today's social media that can easily flood you with inspiration and motivation with high levels of adrenaline rush in a blink of an eye.

The moment I use the term "Leadership Consciousness" during a coaching engagement with leaders or make it a part of leadership development interventions, most people take it to a different tangent almost instantly, or prefer to simply remain silent. They think I am talking about some psychic abilities that leaders need to develop in this highly practical and complex world, where high expectations can drive people crazy. 

I can't deny the fact that the term "consciousnesses" is a rudimentary concept in spiritual practices. But the point is - how do we derive the essence and contextualize it in the art of effective leadership?

Leadership Consciousness Defined

A state of intentional awareness about current leadership practices and their impact on self, others and the environment. 

How do I Develop Leadership Consciousness for Success? Answer these Questions.

It is simple - take a step back, breathe and become aware of yourself, others and your environment.

We all understand the volatile, uncertain, complex and uncertain world we breathe and act in and how it can drive us to fire-fight every moment. But the question is - is that the only job of a leader? Fire-fighting to deliver fast results because times are turbulent? Think again.
When organizations hire or develop leaders, at least at that moment, that's not the intent.

How can you do justice to who you really are and what you are actually supposed to do as a leader? 

Please "step-back", especially, during the tough times. Have a critical conversation with yourself using these guiding questions:
  • What are my current leadership practices, skills and competencies - my actions?
  • What is the impact of my leadership practices on others and my key relationships?
  • What is the impact of my leadership practices on the environment and the organization
  • What is the goal and the bigger picture? (check again)
  • What was I really hired to do? 
  • Are my actions really strategic and mindful?
  • Am I simply reacting to situations or actually making conscious and intentional choices?
  • Am I acting out of something that is not healthy for myself and others? Example - acting out of ego or fear, unnecessary competitiveness and threats, being the "first-in-the-class child", etc.?
  • Are my actions contributing towards the real purpose - self, others and the organization?
How do I Get the Oomphh Out of Leadership Consciousness?

The oomphh comes and hits you hard when you answer the questions above and then you enter the zone of the "aha moments" - something significant that emerges unknowingly or something that you had taken for granted. Could be any of those moments and even more scenarios.

As you realize the gaps in your leadership practices, you will recognize that as a leader your real job is not to fire-fight and try to save the world but to look within and take a step back to ignite your authenticity and shine that light to inspire others. 

What does it mean in reality? It means to keep your situational sensing radars open at all times, being aware of people and their behaviors, identifying the patterns in your environment, patterns that are holding you back, and how you respond to those patterns every time. 

Identify your triggers, i.e. what makes you uncomfortable - procrastination, fear of failure, fear of success, ego, competitiveness, power struggles, playing-it-safe behavior, etc. These are all self-destructive patterns that need to be recognized and acted upon through conscious awareness and actions. Navigating those complexities with a greater rigor, planning and mindful actions will make you uncomfortable initially but successful at the same time. 

Do your inner-work to positively impact the outer world, including your actions and results impacting self, others and the organization.

As you come into the new and positive patterns, you will realize the "oomphh" of the conscious leadership. Keep striving to cultivate your leadership consciousness higher.

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Sahil Sharma
Talent, Learning & Leadership Development Professional | Certified Leadership Coach

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