Top 3 Powerful Leadership Rituals To Never Miss-out!

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The top 3 and very powerful Leadership Rituals you must wholeheartedly engage in to make each day and action count:

1. Ritual of Self-reflection and Playing on Your Strengths
Regular self-reflection involves aligning and re-aligning your leadership practices with your core values. It may involve taking feedback from others to balance the inner and the outer world. It can help leaders stay on track with the right leadership practices. Self-reflection should not be constant but frequent enough. Too much and constant self-reflection can be a great trap for analysis paralysis and you definitely do not want to be a part of that.

When you take the inventory of your values, actions and the gaps, you are also reminded of the strengths that you must play on. Those strengths make you who you are at your best. Never underestimate or ignore those strengths, while trying to develop something that you might not be the greatest at. Bring out your strengths and put them to work as much as possible.

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2. Ritual of Learning

 Learning never stops on the path of leadership and life. So why can't it be a ritual? There are many ways to tap into the resources that can act as some of your wisest mentors, and the most patient of teachers. Read a book, an article, a blog, watch a video, listen to a podcast, meet a mentor or a critical friend, get coaching, or whatever brings you the knowledge and wisdom to help you get unstuck, or feel motivated and inspired. If you are reading this blog, that's exactly what you are doing right now. Well done!

Keep getting fresher perspectives on things and life in general as you continuously evolve and adapt just like an authentic chameleon
3. Ritual of Connecting with Others

You would probably remember the formula of SVSC - Staying Visible, Staying Connected. This is one of my favorite acronyms that came to my mind and holds so much power - ready to be harnessed by any leader till today. If you consider yourself a leader, who is making a difference in other people's lives, motivating others, inspiring others, demonstrating and influencing positive actions, then you definitely need SVSC. 

Connecting regularly with your people means sparking a human connection based on empathy, compassion and authentic concern. If you haven't read how empathy can be leveraged as strengths, then check this out. Spending 5-10 minutes on a frequent basis can be a great practice of checking-in with your people and understanding - where they are at, what challenges are they facing, what do they need support with, how are they performing and achieving, what needs to change or shift, etc. There might be things that will surface at a personal level that would help you support the well-being of your people. Make an effort to know your people holistically as much as possible. It will drive a high degree of authentic leadership in your environment. These 5 -10 minutes will go a long way! Trust me on that.

Add these leadership rituals to the cadre of your leadership invincibles and intangibles!

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Sahil Sharma
Talent, Learning & Leadership Development Professional | Certified Leadership Coach

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