5 Powerful Ways for Every Leader to Communicate with Influence

Your Challenge
  • Communicating using powerful management jargons but no impact keeping your technical expertise at the forefront
  • Not able to get the message across well with impact
  • Teams or others are confused or not convinced even after a message has been communicated
  • Others struggle to understand the underlying message, although they pretend to have understood everything
  • Communication is not inspiring actions or getting buy-ins

Our Advice

Leadership does not take place in isolation. It involves more than just one person- you. It involves others whom you influence directly or indirectly, regardless of your title. It is not about positional leadership but the leadership of influence. 

Get these powerful foundations into your communication as a leader, regardless of your title:

1. Communication is Relational: Communication involves emotional intelligence. It is essential to know the audience and understand where they are at and getting there as a leader to be able to relate to them. It could involve getting out of the corporate formal environments and learning to connect with others in informal, yet appropriate and more effective ways. The words, the style of communication, the ambiance - all need to reflect the relatability.

2. Communication is Contextual: Context rules! Leaders have to get that right at first to be able to create the relatability. What's the bigger picture? Why is it important? What's the point of the entire communication in any form - presentation, conversation or digital? Without the context, communication will have low or no impact, no relatability, and no influence. 

3. Communication Involves Content: Needless to say, as much as the context is essential, so is the right content. It brings all the pieces together to see the complete picture for others. Leaders must not ignore content or fill their communication with fluff. Effective leaders bring strong substance in their communication to others to create the right kind of impact and influence.

4. Communication is Actionable: What's the point of communication, when it does not have an inspired action within? Whether it is sharing information, having a 1-on-1 conversation, a motivational speech, addressing your team members, a performance review, or addressing your other stakeholders; leaders must communicate clear actions that will lead to identified goals.

5. Communication Needs to be Authentic at its Core: There is nothing more effective as having a real human conversation or involve in any other kind of communication at that authentic level. Leaders must bring forward their core thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes to the forefront, regardless which hat they wear in their roles. Authenticity needs to be reflected consistently as they communicate through words or actions. An authentic conversation rejects the ideas of having biases, barriers, and assumptions. Authenticity keeps the credibility of the leaders alive. It profoundly flows through an open mind, mindful thoughts, careful words and articulation, and effective actions.

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