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Leadership and Power

Here's the counter-intuitive relationship between them. Watch the video and uncover the 3-i Model to harness the art and science involved in this relationship.

3-i Model of Power Sharing for Leaders (Watch the Video)

Here's the 3-i Model or the strategies to share your power with others and enhance your leadership influence further:
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1. Information Sharing: 

Information is power for many people and in many contexts. As a leader, ensure that you remove any barriers for others to access the information that they require, either to support their work or well being. Of course, I am not referring to the confidential information.The more you remain transparent and share timely information, the stronger will be the trust levels and relationships.
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2. Interacting to Know More:

Conversations are meant to be based on listening and sharing, not just hearing. Communication needs to be more holistic. As a leader, when you interact, make an effort to know people more, not just as professionals but as human beings. Try and uncover their likes and dislikes, drives and motivations, what excites them, what are their future directions, learn about their purpose - in short, learn about their stories. Every individual is unique and living a story. Get curious and allow people to share (as much as they are comfortable). Also, share your own story with them and create an environment for empathy, care, compassion, understanding and trust. Here's how you can tell a story effectively.

3. Inclusion and Involvement: 

Image result for information sharing iconWe live in diversity, which brings a beautiful concoction of cultures, values, perspectives, skills, expertise and what not. Take a moment and think of how you can leverage this huge environmental and human capital asset. Acknowledging, accepting and respecting diversity is the first step towards it, followed by including others in the work that you do. No one enjoys the feeling of exclusion. Whether you are making decisions, negotiating, brainstorming for new ideas and innovation, or simply engaging people in conversations to gain better insights - you have all the opportunities to share your power through inclusion and involvement. Inclusion can create conditions where everyone can strive with a greater level of engagement, performance and well-being.

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