Have you seen this kind of mirror before? Tapping into the unknown.

Welcome to the world of Covid-19 and isolation. How do you feel? Some of the words that I have personally felt or heard from people include feelings of isolation, dis-empowerment, entrapment, depression, anxiety and what not.

As much as these overwhelming feelings have the potential to drown us, life is also providing us with an opportunity to operate from a sphere of influence and taking the self-leadership to a higher level. The ongoing uncertainty and shifting professional and personal life have brought many insights forward. I am sharing some of these insights through this new practice that I have recently developed through this short video. Click below to watch the video log.

"Circumstances do not define us. They only reveal our true selves."

Key Insights

1. A simple mirror exercise (watch the video above) can trigger a great psychological response to help you bring a new practice(s) in life to help you see things differently. It brings a realization that a shift of practices and mindsets with a greater degree of mindfulness is not a want but a need to be able to survive and succeed in challenging times.

2. Looking outside won't change a thing in uncertain, ambiguous and complex times.  It's a unique loop of looking outside and inside. Now that you are aware of the outside, the next step is to go inside so that you can again make a better outside for yourself. Marshall Goldsmith's words resound in my ears, "what got you here, won't take you there". Looking within can take you to places you aim for by achieving a shift of perspective and effective practices.

3. Realize that stepping back is very important, especially, in times of chaos. It helps in looking at the bigger picture and highlights the areas that you either ignored or deferred to tap into. This is the time to create opportunities and ask yourself - what else am I capable of? What did I miss? What are my other strengths? How can I work on those areas that I have always wanted to develop? Challenge and allow yourself to access your inner realms and pull out what was left unexplored. Expand your capacity, capabilities and talents. This act could potentially bring out your next and biggest strength(s), you never thought of. 

4. Take responsibility and accountability for yourself. You have full control over them. Feel more empowered and create your own opportunities. Recreate your leadership rituals to ones that serve your highest potential and best interest. Only if you can lead yourself well, will you be able to lead others well.

Be safe and mindfully put your energies in recreating your most effective self. 

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Sahil Sharma
Talent, Learning & Leadership Development Professional | Certified Leadership Coach

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